Color Management Solutions From Xrite USA & GMG Color Germany, Twenty years since GMG Color redefined the proofing and color management sector. GMG Color is still the undoubted leader of color management business in the world. In the region Phoenix Technologies has implemented GMG in over 240+ printing companies in the last 10 years. Phoenix Technologies is the middle east and Africa partner of GMG Color GMG Color & Xrite. The team from Phoenix includes print engineers who are trained by experts from GMG, Xrite and other industry leaders in color management and combined with this the expertise which is gained by implementing color management in over 240+ companies in the region makes them the right choice for you to implement a color management solution which will help you improve quality, productivity and profits.

Modules Of GMG & Xrite which are recommended for FLEXO Packaging. Each module or a combination of modules has a certain features and benefits and we recommend after understanding your pain points.You can start the implementation as a full project or in a phased manner.
  • GMG Color Proof
  • GMG Flexo Proof
  • GMG Proof Control
  • GMG Open Color
  • GMG Color Plug In
  • GMG Color Server
  • GMG Ink Optimiser
  • Process Control Solutions
  • Xrite Intellitrax Based CIP3 & Closed Loop Solution
  • Exact Spectrophotometer
  • Ic Plate
  • Ph & Conductivity Meter
  • Epson P Series Inkjet Printers
  • GMG Certified Proofing Media
  • Epson P Series Inks
  • Just Light Booth
  • Xrite Ink Formulation Software
Phoenix Print Technology Experts can evaluate your current workflow and color management and propose the right solutions for you to improve quality, productivity & profits.

Some of our references clients in the region for color management Solutions:

Gravure Reference Clients


GMG Proofing Software will drive the Epson/Canon/HP inkjet printers to match your printing press in terms of color appearance. All major brands in the world which includes Unilver, Pepsi, P&G, Tesco. Apple and more use GMG for managing colors across the supply chain.

How GMG Color Proofing Solutions Helps You:

1)Generate Color Contone Contract Proofs & Get Approval Before Production.

2)Predict & Confirm colors before plates are made.

2)Avoid the need to print on press and check the colors and then loose time, material and clients.

4)Confidence in sales team and client that you predict the colors before printing and match it.

5)Avoid giving the mandate to press operators to do color correction in press to match proof.

6)In short this improves quality, productivity & Profits.

This Solution in addition of above color proof solution flexo proof can give you below benefits as well:

1) Can generate dot proofs as input is ripped 1 bit

2) You can predict missing dots & pressure related dot gain

2) Can Simulate Substrate Texture

3) Simulation of press misregistration

4) GMG FlexoProof has HKS and the Pantone®-Library pre-loaded as standards. All available spot colors are stored in a central color database and can be added to by user at any time.
All spot colors can be entered and measured automatically in any gradation, and GMG FlexoProof controls up to 64 separations in one image.

GMG Open Color Proofing:

Is the latest solution from GMG and only solution which can accurately predict the color appearance when CMYK is printed over spot or spot is printed over CMYK.
Open color makes perfect Proof profiles for packaging printing which has complex color predictions required- more efficient and reliable than ever before.

Do you need to change the color sequence in an order? Has the density changed, or the substrate? GMG OpenColor immediately calculates a new profile. Instead of printing on the machine again and again, the result of changed conditions can now be predicted accurately and with minimal expenditure.

GMG Proof Control –

Quality control software for proofs.

A key element in a networked and standardized work environment offering totally new capabilities for color-accurate verification of a proof within seconds on the basis of incorporated target values from international industry standards.

The proofs will be having a fogra passing certification sticker which will clearly show your buyer it’s a color contract proof.

Also normally international print buyers will ask you to standardise your prepress,proof and press to Fogra.Gracol or G7 Standards we can implement these standards as well in your organization and meet the expectations of the print buyer.

GMG Color Plug In:

The Ingenious Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop GMG ColorPlugin Packaging:

Using the Channel Removal tool, the content of individual channels can be completed or selectively removed. Channel Removal tool, Minimum Dot functions.

This can be used for 4 color or for Any Color Seperation of images.

If you need vector & raster separation tool from any color to XG or from any color to any color separation automatically we can provide you same as well.

Heimann Dot Scope 3D Anilox & Gravure Cylinder Analysis Tool.

The Dot Scope 3D is a 3D microscope specially optimized to the needs of the printing industry. Robust, easy to use, fast in the measurement and still precise.

As measuring method, the focus variation is used. In this method, images are recorded at different focus settings. Then a 3D model is calculated from the different local sharpness values. Typical applications for the DotScope 3D are the measurement of microscopic structures on gravure cylinders, flexo plates or sleeves or anilox rolls.

The operation is very simple: Set the unit to the point to be measured, manually move nearly to the highest measuring point. Then click the start button. The illumination is automatically optimally adjusted and within a few seconds the 3D profile is determined. In addition, the tread depth, the surface volume, the grid and the screen angles have been determined without further user intervention. A typical measurement takes 10…20 seconds.

GMG Color Server –

Fully Automatic top quality Color Conversion for making different paper types/printing process to print to a particular international standard.

Improves color quality of print on different paper types and reduced make ready time.

Preferred by Packaging Offset Companies to match colors on most commonly used and difficult substrates in their business like gray back,mettalised etc to ISO 12647-2 standards or standards defined by print buyers easily. This also improves color quality tremendously.

This solution helps achieve high quality print results with minimum make ready.

GMG Ink Optimizer –

Optimizes the color composition of printing data – automatically and in a matter of seconds. This significantly improves the printing quality. Optimization is based on GMG‘s 4D Device-Link profiles.
The CMY color component is replaced by black while exactly retaining the color impression. Reduces Ink Consumption by 12% in sheetfed offset and 20% in web offset.
It also ensure gray balanced printing across run and also eliminates set off and drying issues when using conventional printing inks.

Color Cert Process Control SW Specially made for Flexible packaging-

Very user-friendly solution for effectively standardising and controlling printing processes and achieving maximum production reliability by standardizing printing presses and verify quality wrt ISO or internal standards.Combined with Pantone live this solution will be the reference for color communication and control for all major brands in the coming years.

Exact SpectroPhotometer:

This device is perfect piece of hardware for color measurements,press room standardization,Ink Kitchen and quality assurance. Recommended as the spectrophotometer by all major brands and ink suppliers is a must have tool at any printing company.Combined with exact scan,ink key control software or the CIQC it is real value for money solution.

X-Rite eXact is the next generation handheld color measurement solution that takes into account the new business needs and dynamics of a global supply chain.The first instrument in the industry that combines unique hardware and software into a single integrated scalable solution that offers:

  • Intuitive color touch-screen display that simplifies device operation
  • Product configurations that scale to meet business needs
  • Color pass/fail reporting against industry standards, including ISO, Japan Color, G7 and PSO.
  • Embedded Pantone Libraries for Access to industry-leading color reference standards
  • BestMatch offers press operators a fast and easy way to get a close match to your reference color by adjusting the density.
  • More

eXact Scan

Handheld spectrophotometer used for both spot measurement and scans to better understand, control, manage and communicate color across the entire workflow, avoiding reprints and rework.

i1iSis 2

The i1iSis 2 A4/Letter automated chart reader is the ideal instrument to speed up and automate printer profile creation, now supporting M1 measurement standards.


X-Rite i1iO Automated Scanning Table enables hands-free test chart reading for automated color profiling on a variety of substrates with reduced risk of color measurement errors.


The Ci64, X-Rite’s most precise handheld sphere spectrophotometer, is available in three models with simultaneous SPIN/SPEX, correlated gloss and a UV option.


To your customers, you are the color experts. They expect a lot and hold you to the highest standards. Shouldn’t the color management instruments you use measure up to high standards as well? They will with X-Rite’s NetProfiler 3, an easy to use utility that allows you to verify, optimize, and certify the performance of your color measurement devices More. WWW.XRITE.COM/NETPROFILER-3-SOFTWARE


A suite of products, licenses and services that enable the Packaging supply chain to implement and access a database of spectrally defined Pantone® and brand spot color standards.

PANTONE Certified Printer Program

Review and analyze every aspect of color operations from preflight, file prep and proofing to ink formation and mixing, to the press room for exceptional color management.

Pepsi QI Certification:

We are authorized to certify recommended printers for Pepsi QI Certification along with Xrite.


End to End Color Workflow Solution

Meeting exact specifier requirements for accurate, consistent color quality can be a challenge. As the range of inks, printing technologies and substrates has expanded, so has the complexity of maintaining color quality in hybrid production environments across various shifts and sites. Printers and packaging converters must ensure that color is right the first time, right every time, in order to retain and gain customers in an increasingly competitive environment.More


The certified color calibrated monitor at affordable price from Benq.


D50/D65 light booth for meeting exacting standards of viewing for graphic arts industry. JUST viewing booths and luminaires achieve an illuminance of 2000 lux as standard, with optional brightness controls on soft proofing models.

InkFormulation Software

Formulation Software

InkFormulation Software is a fast, accurate, consistent ink formulation, formula creation, storage, approval and retrieval solution for offset, flexo, gravure and screen-printing inks.


K Hand Coater- Will deposit from 4 to 500 micron wet film thickness. More

Flexiproof 100/UV- For quality control testing and to ensure consistency of performance of inks and substrates over time. More.