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EasyTrax is a semi-automated color scanning system for ensuring accurate color and standards compliance, including the ability to take a scan or spot measurement anywhere on the sheet.

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Color Scanning Precision and Versatility Made Easy

EasyTrax is X-Rite’s semi-automated color scanning system, designed to be used press-side in offset printing operations using 29” (74cm) or 40” (102cm) presses. It comes preassembled on a measurement board for a fast start and can be adapted to almost any press console. This standards-compliant system includes the black backing required for ISO certified operations and can take scan or spot measurements anywhere on the sheet, making it the perfect press-side solution for color control.

EasyTrax Density measures ink density with density data being displayed against set targets to easily determine required ink zone changes, while EasyTrax Spectral adds the ability to capture both density and spectral data in a single scan. Both operate at a speed of 150mm/second. EasyTrax helps operators reduce makeready time, monitor production for color consistency, and minimize waste and rework.


  • EasyTrax is the only color scanning system capable of automatically reading color bars or spot colors in the middle of the press sheet, making this task easier and more productive.
  • With EasyTrax Spectral, save measurement time by taking both density and spectral measurements in one pass, quickly viewing all printing attributes to speed preflight and pressroom adjustments.
  • Fast scanning speed of 150mm/second enables operators to quickly evaluate print quality and make the necessary adjustments.
  • EasyTrax signals operators of the color bar is out of alignment and can automatically adjust for skew with laser precision, eliminating the risk of false readings.
  • Preassembled, ready for use after a quick set-up process; includes sample sheet, video tutorials and wizard-based software to help operators get up to speed quickly.


EasyTrax Spectral enables perfecting presses to support up to 8 ink units with the advanced ISO/G7 module, whether using a CMYK, Multi-Color or N-Color workflow. It is the ideal solution for offset printing operations wishing to take standardization and automation to the next level.

BestMatch Feature Yes
Calibration On integrated and covered white reference
Closed Loop Support Yes
Color Bar Alignment Yes
Color Differences CIE ∆E* (1976), CIE ∆E* (2000), and CIE ∆E* (1994)
Color Spaces CIE L*a*b*, CIE L*C*h°
Communication Interface Ethernet
Configuration Options Head type, table size
Density Range 0.0 D to 2.5 D
Density Standards Status A, E, I, T
Humidity 85% RH (non condensing)
Ink Wells / Ink Units
Standard: Up to 6
G7/ISO option: Up to 8
Inter-Instrument Agreement
Average: 0.50 dE*00
Max: 1.0 dE*00
Languages Supported Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish
Light Source Gas Pressure Lamp
Measurement Background Black as specified in ISO 12647-2 and 3
Measurement Conditions M0, M3 (CMYK only)
Minimal Media Thickness min 0.1 mm
Operating Temperature Range
10°C to 40°C
50°F to 104°F
Paper Thickness max 1.5 mm
Pass / Fail Yes
Patch Size 4 mm x 3.8 mm
Scan Length
29″ (74cm)
Scanning Capability Yes
Scanning Speed 150 mm / sec
Short Term Repeatability – Density ‘+/- 0.01 D @ 1. 5D
Short Term Repeatability – White 0.20 dE*00
Single Pass Scan M0 and M3 (CMYK only)
Software Development Kit Yes
Software Modes Density /Spectral
Storage Temperature Range
‘-20°C to 70°C
– 4°F to 158°F
Supported Devices EasyTrax, eXact
Track Sizes
29″ (74cm)
Voltage 100 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz
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