Embedded Electronics Service

Diagnostic and Consulting Services

The maintenance of your machineries at optimal operational efficiency levels is an important requisite for business success and continues to be a challenge. Maintenance services are critical as they directly impact operational efficiency and equipment uptime. Most organisations follow a maintenance plan in line with vendor’s recommendations to ensure maximum uptime and efficient asset operations. But it may not be the same case with your old machines which have no OEM components or services readily available. If you have a case where in you are not able to get proper components or electronics modules or service, we can help you with our services. We have a highly experienced team who can visit your facility and inspect the machine and give a report with recommendation for repair and a fair quote based on our expert evaluation. We also offers guarantee on our services.

Solutions Customized to Your Needs

It is often difficult to source parts for old or obsolete equipment. If OEM components are not available, we will replace with suitable alternate components. We have a wide network of partners for sourcing all kinds of industrial electronics and mechanical components. It we are not able to find a suitable alternate component or such parts are subject to long delivery times or may only be available at unattractive commercial terms, our re-engineering capabilities provide a competitive and reliable alternative. Apart from merely replacing the parts we can also provide services like material upgrades and component design improvements. Re-engineering can be undertaken on a single component or included as part of a comprehensive design review on the entire machine. One of the key advantages of this technology for the end user is the ability to incorporate changes as part of the process. Components that were originally produced many years ago can often be upgraded with new designs and material improvements. We help our customers to run their machines efficiently and with maximum uptime with our services as mentioned below.