ERP Services

Contract Maintenance and Support Services

We know the importance of delivery time and our engineers will work around the clock if necessary to satisfy your machinery repair needs and stop your downtime. We have an expert team with many years of Industry experience to meet all your maintenance and support services.
We provide you with field service, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and third-party parts as well as repair services during the entire product life cycle. With contract maintenance, we schedule regular pre-defined maintenance visits to check and report on equipment plus handle repair work during those scheduled maintenance periods. Coverage for emergency repair services is also often included.

Customized Automation Services

The level of automation plays a key role in the productivity and quality of any machine. The replacement of obsolete components, the inclusion of the latest technology as well as upgrading the automation technology result in a higher level of automation and greater efficiency. As a rule, productivity and product quality are increased by the modernisation. We thoroughly study the customer requirements and problems and apply a systematic approach to build a solution that optimizes its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results.
We have the expertise to design and develop customized automation solutions across various industries as per customer requirements. We can assist you from planning and configuration, through implementation and monitoring of the measures, to acceptance for your Automation Requirements.