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GMG CoZone

The ultimate collaborative content approval tool:
GMG CoZone

Designed to improve efficiency throughout the creative design and color production process: GMG CoZone centralizes your content approval and proofing process into one fully integrated solution. Because GMG CoZone is cloud based, location is irrelevant, you can access it from anywhere, at anytime

GMG CoZone is a cloud based approval system that lets users collaborate on documents in real time. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to start reviewing and approving within minutes. With advanced annotation reporting and status tracking, you no longer have to rely on email chains and attachments to keep track of your client amends.
GMG CoZone is extremely secure, utilizing the latest cloud security protocols to keep your documents safe. You can also control who has access to what using the advanced rights management. And you can customize the whole look-and-feel of your dashboard, ensuring clients get a personalized user experience.

Efficiency and transparency for your entire content approval workflow

Instead of manually moving files from one system to another, GMG CoZone can seamlessly connect to other GMG cloud based services, such as Deliver, the remote proofing service for hard proofs. This means you can approve content and color accuracy in one seamless process, output hard proofs remotely, and enable a truly anywhere-anytime proofing workflow.

Essential benefits at a glance

  • Fewer mistakes, better cooperation
  • Intuitive customizable platform
  • Supports all standard file formats, including various multimedia content and Office documents
  • “Pay-per-job” licencing model for consistently attractive conditions for an unlimited number of users
  • All files are stored and processed centrally
  • No uncontrollable email traffic
  • User-configurable access rights with individually definable displays