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GMG ColorPlugin

The Ingenious Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop:
GMG ColorPlugin

A compact tool that makes manual corrections and tedious workarounds largely unnecessary

It’s finally possible to benefit from the advantages of GMG MX DeviceLink profiles directly within Photoshop. The post-processing usually required with ICC-converted images is now a thing of the past. Images converted using GMG ColorPlugin immediately reveal harmonious color gradients, neutral gray areas, and much more detail in the depths. GMG ColorPlugin allows users to work specifically on individual channels. Even masked areas can be edited. This unique degree of flexibility is astonishing even for experienced Photoshop professionals.
As well as the clear advance in quality that it brings, GMG ColorPlugin users benefit from significant time savings. Applied to an entire prepress department, this can substantially reduce the costs incurred.

Simple yet effective:
GMG ColorPlugin lists all current print standards under the target color space menu item

GMG ColorPlugin Packaging:
Using the Channel Removal tool, the content of individual channels can be completed or selectively removed

GMG ColorPlugin is available in three different variants

Essential benefits at a glance

  • Desktop-based application of MX separations to images
  • Ink reduction as with GMG InkOptimizer – directly in Photoshop
  • No need for the post-processing usually required with ICC-separated images
  • The ability to edit specific individual layers and masked areas
  • Full control over ink coverage and separation harmonization with reseparation profiles
  • Reuse of users’ own profiles that they have created in GMG ProfileEditor or GMG OpenColor