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GMG ColorProof

The proofing solution for professionals:
GMG ColorProof

For years, GMG ColorProof has been the preferred solution for industry leaders when it comes to efficient and safe contract proofing

GMG ColorProof represents uncompromising color fidelity. It is also compliant with globally accepted printing standards (such as ISO Offset, PSO, GRACoL and SWOP), and its reliability and remarkable performance make it the indispensable tool among leading color management experts.

Plug and Proof – safe and efficient without specialist knowledge

GMG ColorProof comes pre-loaded with color profiles of all common standards, so you can get started right away. Select the printer, calibrate it, and you are ready to print the first proof in just a few seconds.

GMG ProofControl – your quality supervisor

To guarantee quality control, a proof label and control strip is recommended with any proof. This way, information about its color accuracy is always available. This can be fully automated for printers with an integrated measuring device: important for everyday consistent reproduction and vital for legally-binding contract proofs.

Reliable as usual, more powerful than ever

It is the perfect integration of proof printing with our exclusive portfolio of GMG proofing media that makes GMG ColorProof a superior system. We ensure incredibly accurate simulations of what will actually be printed.

Taking remote proofing to the next level: GMG ColorProof integration with GMG CoZone

With remote proofing, GMG ColorProof provides the process guarantee that so many international production operations need. Whether it happens via FTP, WebClient or via an integrated GMG CoZone connection, GMG ColorProof makes sure that you’re getting high color quality proofs – everywhere.

Essential benefits at a glance

  • Plug and Proof system with pre-installed, tested color profiles for all relevant printing standards
  • Calibration concept for the highest stability and consistency – calibrate once, meet all standards
  • Outstanding spot color simulation and support for expanded color spaces
  • Reliable color management through internal validation of the selected parameters
  • Integrated Raster Image Processor with the latest Adobe Print Engine Technology
  • Built-in quality control features and support for various measurement devices
  • Hot folder technology for increased automation and connection to other systems
  • Load balancing and nesting for maximum productivity and less wastage
  • Remote proofing via FTP, WebClient or the integrated GMG CoZone connection