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GMG InkOptimizer

Better print results and up to 47% less ink usage:
GMG InkOptimizer

Much more than just saving ink – GMG InkOptimizer optimizes the color separation and stabilizes the entire print run

By standardizing the color composition of PDF files and increasing the levels of black ink, GMG InkOptimizer retains the original color and image quality of the printed item while reducing its production cost.
This is achieved by working where the human eye reacts most sensitively – the gray balance. These grays are stabilized and the neutral areas and tertiary colors, such as brown and olive shades, are made more consistent. In addition, contrast and shadow detail are improved.

Unbeatable process optimization – also in newspaper printing

The reduction of ink significantly helps to prevent shine-through effects and to increase printability – essential when printing on paper with low grammage such as newsprint.

Fully automated superiority

GMG InkOptimizer uses four-dimensional GMG DeviceLink profiles to optimize your printing data with special UCR/GCR algorithms. With GMG InkOptimizer, the conversion is not only fully automated but also preserves the integrity of the black channel in comparison to ICC-based solutions.

Essential benefits at a glance

  • Improved print behavior
  • Up to 30% savings on ink (depending on the printing process and the substrate)
  • Faster “in color”
  • Faster processing due to shorter drying times
  • Less paper wastage
  • up to 47% savings on ink with special GMG InkOptimizer G-Turbo profiles
  • Shorter approval times
  • Reduced web breaks due to less ink