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GMG ProofMedia

The most reliable proofing media for the most demanding applications:
GMG ProofMedia

Excellent color absorption, impressive dot definition and the legally binding security of a world-renowned comprehensive proofing system

There’s no better paper for proofing than GMG ProofMedia. The optimal quality of a proof is only guaranteed if all the system components are perfectly aligned and work together seamlessly. As such, high importance is attached to the proofing media. Ultimately, it’s responsible for color space size and reproducibility of proofs.
GMG provides innovative proofing media with optimally matching profiles for all proofing requirements. Due to the optimized surface characteristics, the maximum utilization of the printer’s color space is supported. This has a particularly positive effect in the presentation of spot colors.
GMG proofing media is available for most diverse requirements. From semimatte, matte and gloss papers (with or without optical brighteners) for offset, gravure and photographic applications, to special paper for newspaper applications, and transparent film for flexo and packaging applications.
GMG supplies profiles for all popular proofing devices, and every international proofing standard for use with the GMG ColorProof application – allowing “out of the box” contract proofing for anyone, anywhere.

Proven quality, guaranteed consistency

We’re constantly monitoring our production process, picking up even the smallest flaws to rule out fluctuations in quality before we ship our products. Roll after roll, sheet after sheet: even if you’re mixing a new box of paper with an older one – the result should always be the same.

Want to be sure? Please turn over!

Legally binding proofing ensures unerring objectivity. Precise verification with GMG ProofControl is recognized worldwide. But it is incredibly useful if everyone involved in the production process – even without measuring – can immediately see what quality the prepress is working with. One look at the back label of GMG proofing media is enough to clear away any doubts.

The GMG proofing media portfolio: for all common standards

Whether it’s simulation of coated substrates in offset, gravure and packaging printing or uncoated papers and simulating papers for newsprint – GMG supplies the matching media. Even for film-based packaging material, GMG’s media portfolio offers a particularly high-quality and well-processable substrate simulation.

Essential benefits at a glance

  • “Out of the box” media for GMG ColorProof for quick and easy set up
  • Permanent quality control
  • Highest ink limit for wide gamut color space
  • Long term color stability (lightfastness)
  • High paper tint accuracy
  • Reliable contract proofing for all standards and proofing devices
  • Back label for instant identification
  • No overinking / matting / blotchy buildups
  • Excellent drying capabilities
  • Sharp inkjet droplets