Heimann Gravure Solutions

Heimann produces and develops sophisticated measuring devices and chemical products for the manufacturing processes of printing cylinders, traditionally associated with rotogravure printing.
Specialized in rotogravure printing we supply the entire range of consumables, interdisciplinary we also provide consumables for flexographic, offset and digital printing processes, from prepress to binding and finishing. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of measuring devices including service and advice.

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Technology transfer for individually designed solutions

We work in close collaboration with leading international printing companies worldwide. With our direct access to the technology transfer in the printing industry we are able to offer comprehensive consulting and tailor-made solutions from a single source. Moreover, we offer constructions of special machinery for technical high-end solutions.

Check-Master II
Order No.: C01-1122

The CHECK-MASTER II s an advanced measuring instrument for automatic measurement of all types of cells. Its main application is in situations where the highest accuracy and the ease of use are of great importance. Many additional accessories allow it to be used for final checking and goods inwards checking of rotogravure cylinders. Unlike Dot-Check, the measurements are taken automatically. False measurements due to incorrect operation are hereby excluded. The basis of this new measuring system is the world-wide known Check-Master microscope, which has been substantially modified and equipped with a digital camera having a high-performance image processor running under Windows 7 and a high-resolution monitor.
The user surface can be individually modified to ensure optimum ease of use for every application. Due to help facilities operating of the Check-Master II has still become more easy and comfortable in addition to the already existing possibilities offered by Dot Check and Check-Master. The illumination of the microscope is adjusted fully automatically and operation is as usual, extremely simple. Only a PC mouse and keyboard are used to operate the instrument. The use of a PC with Intel or AMD processor allows many other features to be provided such as storage of images and readings, connection of a laser- or inkjet-printer, links to other programs and networking with other PC’s.


  • Correct and quick automatic measurement of the longitudinal and transverse diagonals and channel in one operation.
  • Precise automatic determination of the screen including longitudinal and lateral repeat (feed) and angle output.
  • In addition, the cells can be measured manually by using the mouse.
  • Exact output of the surface of a cell in µm2.
  • Accurate optical depth measurement (motor-driven: automatic or manual) with IFC and trend bar.
  • Determination of the volume for electromechanical engraving in ml/m2.
  • Adjustment of the measuring position by 15 mm in longitudinal and transverse directions.
  • Several optical magnification/measuring ranges so that both coarse and fine screen sizes can be accurately measured.
  • Selection of individual or multiple measurements.
  • Possibility of digital switching to 2 x and 4 x image magnification, all measurement functions remaining active.
  • Considerable simplification of the series measurement of up to 24 ribbons each with up to 15 tones in one operation.
  • Automatic change of measuring range with on-screen display of selected objective.
  • Measurement can be made in live mode or from stored images.
  • Measurement results and images can be stored on the hard disk or CD-ROM.
  • Interfaces for data communication and various types of printers.
  • Program for calculation of screen rollers after entry of the known data.
  • Entry of cylinder characteristic data.


CHECK-MASTER II is a combination of an image processing system and a high precision video microscope. Operation is made via mouse and AT keyboard. The Check-Master program is Windows 7 compatible. The design of the microscope ensures parfocality (i.e. the image remains sharp while the objective is being changed) and a motordriven coarse and fine adjustment of focusing simplifies operation considerably. The 1/2″ high-resolution digital camera magnifies the image from the objective and illumination unit to 20 times its original size. The digital 32bit-signal is fed to the computer via a flexible cable. Illumination is made by an LED lamp with long service life. Over-exposure of the image is not possible because the lighting level is automatically adapted to the reflection. This ensures that the signal to the converter is always at its maximum level. The digital signal is analysed pixel by pixel using an image processing system and is processed several times according to contrast and brightness. Dark areas are identified and the geometry and position in the image are checked. Adjustable filters largely eliminate scratches and dust. The sum of all the pixels that are covered by a cell represents the surface. The length and width of the cell are determined and put out as longitudinal and transverse diagonals. The measured cells are automatically highlighted in red on the monitor for visual checking.
The screen size is determined by the position of the cell in relation to the neighbouring cell. The depth is determined by focusing on the surface (zero point) and then focusing on the bottom of the cell. IFC and a trend bar support the depth measurement. When carrying out an automatic “cylinder measurement” (from one tone to several tones in several ribbons), all the measured values and images are stored. These can be kept for future checking and repeat measurement of surfaces and diagonals.

Hardness Tester SD-H2
Order No.: C01-0395

For determination of copper respectively chrome hardness of rotogravure cylinders -simple – fast – accurate. Hardness tests in Vickers range of light weight have the advantage that they are supposed to be non-destructive as the lasting surface indentation is microscopically small.
Measuring is effected by Vickers penetration procedure by electro acoustic evaluation of the indentation (UCI process). Different instrument adjustments (calibration values, penetration times, tolerance thresholds) for various metals can be stored in the device (e. g. copper, chrome, steel, zinc). A transfer to PC via USB interface for long-term storing is possible on a very easy way.
The measuring values and the current average value are shown simultaneously and colored (green = good; red = poor) on the display in Vickers hardness HV. Furthermore, the whole measurement-series (statistic results, single measurement values) can be displayed at a glance.

The Hardness Tester includes the following parts

Roughness Tester PS10
Order No.: C01-0364

Absolute Mobility – with Roughness Tester PS1
With increasing manufacturing and machine quality, the quality of technical product’s surface finishes is becoming ever more important. This makes it all the more crucial to offer metrological solutions with instrument designs that provide quick and simple yet standards-compliant measuring options. In some cases measurements are transferred from the inspection room to production to save time and money. Components may be too large or heavy to be transported, leaving no alternative but to carry out measurements directly on the component or machine.

  • Error-free operation thanks to an integrated, removable roughness standard.
  • Automatic cutoff selection (patented) so that even non-specialists are ensured correct.
  • 31 parameters offer the same range of functions as a laboratory instrument.
  • Data is saved in the device, e.g. TXT, X3P, CSV and PDF file.

The Roughness Tester PS10-set contains

  • PS10 base unit.
  • Drive unit (removable).
  • 1 standard pick-up (conforming to standards).
  • built-in battery.
  • Roughness standard integrated (removable) into base unit incl. calibration certificate.
  • Pick-up protection
  • Charger / mains adapter with 3 mains power adapters
  • Operating instructions.
  • Carrying case with shoulder strap.
  • USB cable.
  • Extension cable drive unit.
  • Height adjustment accessory (integrated).

Wall Thickness Gauge DM5E
Order No.: C01-0276

The DM 5E is a battery-operated wall thickness gauge for simple applications which is both handy and easy to use. It has automatic probe recognition, for dialog probes (the DA 5 series), and therefore offers greater measurement reliability and accuracy (with CE-certificate). The measuring instrument is suitable for measurement of wall thickness on many components: e.g. cylinder, pipelines, storage tanks, etc.
Instrument operation is carried out with one hand via a user-friendly interface. This is a sealed, watertight and durst-proof membrane keypad, which features a minimum of function keys and arrow keys. Navigation through menus is simple and intuitive. The instrument incorporates a wide range of features including Min/Max capture, alarms and differential thickness measurement to allow instant comparison between measured and nominal thickness. Besides the DM5E offers the DUAL Multi operating mode for coated pipes.

Engraving Tools
Order No.: A01-0001 ff

We only use high-class quality diamonds. The raw diamonds are thoroughly selected and do not have any defects like ruptures, enclosures or intergrowths. In order to achieve a maximum life-time, we choose a special orientation for sharpening. All work is done by qualified skilled diamond cutters who have long experience in treatment of industrial diamonds. This quality standard is valid for styli, burr cutters and sliding shoes.

Diamond styli:
New tools and resharpening with inspection certificate

  • Diamond styli – new 110°, 115°, 120°, 125°, 130°, 140° L, S*.
  • Diamond styli HP (Pisa-Cut) – new – 110°, 115°, 120°, 125°, 130°, 140° L, S* (styli with a 2° enlarged free angle).
  • Diamond styli – resharpening.
  • Diamond styli HP (Pisa cut) – resharpening.
  • One-way styli – L, S*.
  • One-way styli HP (Pisa cut) – L, S*.
  • Diamond styli – 12 kHz.
  • Burr Cutter – new – diamond in holder.
  • Burr Cutter – new – complete with cassette.
  • Burr Cutter – resharpening.
  • Burr Cutter – 12 kHz.
  • Sliding Shoe – new.
  • Sliding Shoe – resharpening.
  • Sliding Shoe – 12 kHz.
  • Diamond styli T 40 for coarse screen – new.
  • Diamond styli T 40 for coarse screen – resharpening.
  • OHIO Gravostar 320220 styli – resharpening.
  • OHIO styli – new – 110°, 115°, 120°, 125°, 130°.
  • OHIO styli – resharpening.
  • OHIO sliding shoe – new.
  • OHIO sliding shoe – resharpening.
  • OHIO burr cutter – new.
  • OHIO burr cutter – resharpening.