G7 Certification is ideal for professionals who want to further their personal knowledge and skillset by becoming certified in the G7 methodology for proofing and printing equipment in house. Participants include: press operators, pressroom supervisors, prepress supervisors and technicians, quality assurance managers and printing equipment suppliers.

Get validated in the industry’s leading global print validation program.

Phoenix has been chosen by Idealliance as their MENA Office and is responsible for all activities of Idealliance for the Middle East and North Africa region such as training industry on color management, certification courses, printing site certifications etc.

With the knowledge and experience at Phoenix by implementing color management and workflow solutions across many prestigious printing and packaging converters across the region in flexo, offset, gravure and digital you can be sure that with a consultancy from Phoenix G7 and Pantone Certified you can identify the gaps in your process and implement the right technology solutions which can help you improve quality, productivity and profits from within operations.

Idealliance® Chooses Phoenix Technologies in Dubai, UAE to Lead Idealliance MENA Office

G7 is Idealliance’s industry-leading set of specifications for achieving gray balance and is the driving force for achieving visual similarities across all print processes. Idealliance G7 Master Facility Qualification is a three-level compliance program that is granted to printing companies and other graphic solutions providers, like creative and premedia provers. G7 Master status indicates the facility has calibrated certain equipment and systems to G7 gray balance and neutral tone curves and is capable of delivering G7 proofs and print products.

The G7 methodology allows you to:

  • Implement ISO printing standards and additional metrics
  • Ensure similar neutral appearance across multiple devices
  • Align all process, substrates and inks
  • Target gray balance and tonality

The Process

We Phoenix Colour Technologies represent G7 Idealliance MENA office and are committed to work with our clients, their product vendors and packaging suppliers to establish processes that effectively manage production, enhance packaging quality, and build brand equity.

G7 Master certifies, monitors, and measures the performance of print & packaging companies and premedia companies. We also help brand owners control the variables through print facility certification and scientific, repeatable measurement of global packaging.

We will start you by doing an audit of your print facility to evaluate what is required to ensure you can pass the audit process in areas of prepress workflow handling, prepress lighting conditions, proofing, plate making, Inks, QC and printing unit to ensure they are confirming to the G7 process. Once we do the audit, we will send you corrective action list and request you to take corrective actions and get yourself ready for the certification process.