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Fundamentals of Color and Appearance (FOCA) – Online

FOCA Online provides foundational color knowledge, an understanding of color measurement & data and the definition of a reliable color quality program through an online platform.

Remote Color Training

Remote Color Training is the ideal way to get one-on-one guidance, via phone or online, from an X-Rite Color Expert about topics of your choice.

Going Beyond L*a*b

The Going Beyond Density eLearning course uses video instruction and hands on exercises to teach how to achieve measurement-based process control in a print workflow.

X-Rite eXact Instrument and eXact Manager Software Training

This eLearning course explains how to operate the eXact color measurement device and use eXact Manager software to manage color at press.

Ci6x Training

This eLearning course explains how to operate the Ci60 series spectrophotometer with Color iQC quality assurance software.

Fundamentals of Instrumentation and QC Training

Put your color theory knowledge into practice: enjoy our hands-on, color quality control workshop using X-Rite instruments and software.