For precise QC measurement


  • Mid-range quality control solution ideal for industrial and packaging applications
  • Offers flexibility on sample size and shape with choice of 3 apertures
  • Integrates with X-Rite software for a full solution

Accurate Color Measurement on Complex Materials

With a choice of apertures, the mid-range Ci62 portable sphere spectrophotometer is uniquely suited to ensure accurate color measurement, ideal for quality control on applications with textured materials or printing on metal substrates

Measure Unique Sample Sizes and Shapes

Available with a 14mm, 8mm, or 4mm* aperture, the Ci62 offers the flexibility to choose the right measurement size for different sample shapes and curvatures, including painted surfaces, molded plastic parts, metallic substrates, and woven textiles.

Monitor and Optimize Instrument Performance

With supported NetProfiler software, the Ci62 provides a complete track and trace process for consistent measurement across multiple devices and locations, allowing users to monitor and optimize instrument performance anywhere in the supply chain.

Flip Shoe Mechanism

Adds measurement flexibility and makes it easy to reach difficult area

Simultaneous SPIN/SPEX for Gloss Assessment

Immediately identify variances in color and gloss to ensure accurate color readings or verify visual inspection

Software Compatible

Integrates with X-Rite’s formulation and quality control software for an end-to-end color solution