For Reflectance Measurement

  • Ideal for entry-level formulation or QC
  • Offers ≤0.15 dE*inter-instrument agreement and ≤0.03 dE* repeatability
  • Provides measurement flexibility with switchable reflectance apertures

Validate Measurement Conditions and Conformity

The introductory model of the Ci7000 series, the Ci7500 offers the latest color measurement technology and database compatibility. It can capture color and appearance simultaneously with specular-included (SPIN/SCI) and specular excluded (SPEX/SCE) conditions on opaque samples. Video preview ensures the correct sample measurement area and when paired with Color iQC, archives an image of the measurement for a complete audit trail. The Ci7000 Series is stable, reliable and easy to service to maximize productivity and uptime in any production environment.

Versatile Color Measurement for Opaque and Fluorescent Samples

The Ci7500 includes two reflectance aperture plates to measure color and appearance on a wide range of samples in port up, port down, and port forward positions. It can be fitted with various accessories to measure textured materials, odd shapes, liquids, powders, and gels, and uses a 400nm UV filter to calibrate UV content to control optical brighteners in textiles, plastics, paint, coatings, and paper.

Maximize Operator Confidence

With a user-friendly LED status panel, the Ci7500 is easy-to-operate and offers sophisticated processing capabilities to deliver accurate and repeatable color measurements. It includes multiple ports to connect with other devices and conforms with legacy data formats to preserve and protect existing data and ensure easy adoption throughout the supply chain.

Maintains Performance

The Ci7000 Series is stable and will notify the operator if calibration is required to maintain measurement accuracy.

Total Color Solution

Pairs with X-Rite formulation, quality control, and quality assurance software to accurately formulate, verify measurement details, pinpoint issues, and optimize device performance.

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Instrument humidity and temperature sensors above the drawer ensure the environment is suitable for measurements.