GMG DotProof creates color-accurate halftone proofs to contract proof quality


If they are caused by unfavorable screen angles or incorrect trapping and overprinting settings, many unsightly printing results can only be detected and avoided in time with a halftone proof.

That halftone proof must be created with the original 1-bit imagesetter data. GMG DotProof predicts exactly what will happen during plate exposure and what will happen on the printing press. At the same time, screen angles, screen ruling and dot shape are fully preserved. GMG DotProof delivers absolute color accuracy with full data integrity.

GMG DotProof is also indispensable in printing processes using coarse screening, due to the real visual impression being significantly influenced by the screen ruling. Without color-accurate halftone proofing, a reliable prediction of the printing results is impossible.

A greater color range with extended color spaces

A far greater number of spot colors can be simulated with brilliant quality in a halftone proof. The GMG DotProof XG (Extended Gamut) module lets users take full advantage of the expanded color gamut of the Epson Stylus Pro x900 and HP Designjet Z3200 printers.

Essential benefits at a glance

Color-accurate halftone proofs in verifiable contract proof quality

Simple integration through direct processing of the original imagesetter data

Extensive spot color functionality and XG proofing

Quality control via control strips and proof label

Production reliability and cost savings through early detection of potential printing problems

Fail-proof color management by internal validation of the selected parameters

Location independent remote proofing via FTP or WebClient

Integrated raster image processor with the latest Adobe Print Engine Technology

Load balancing and nesting for maximum productivity and minimal waste