Compare a Word document to a PDF in seconds


Automatically compare PDFs and Word documents to verify text and spelling with GlobalVision Text Inspection. Make sure there aren’t any unintended changes as your text moves from your copy document to artwork files.

Detect Text and Copy Errors

Catch every inconsistency between two files, no matter how small.

  • Detect 18 types of errors including missing punctuation, font errors, inserted or deleted words, and more.
  • Run simultaneous spelling and barcode inspections.
  • Toggles differences to search between your sample and master file.


How does Text Inspection work?

GlobalVision Text Inspection does a character to character comparison to inspect each Unicode value. It can detect up to 18 types of text errors, including missing punctuation, errors in font size and color, inserted or deleted words, and more.

Easily inspect all file types with GlobalVision’s text comparison tool

Compare different file formats to automatically inspect and detect differences between the master and sample documents.

  • Check final PDFs against original text documents to make sure they’re consistent.
  • Compare versions with 100% accuracy.
  • Ensure only the right changes have been made.

What file formats does GlobalVision inspect?

Proofread foreign languages

Ensure your content is accurate and error-free for use in foreign markets.

  • Compare text and spelling in over 30 foreign languages with dictionaries built directly into GlobalVision.
  • Customize dictionaries to your brand.
  • Medical dictionary included.

Text Inspection Report

Generate a comprehensive report to review and navigate through all detected errors. Save and send the report for approval, and ensure the right people make the necessary changes.