IntelliTrax2 Pro

Premier Press Side Scanning Solution


Reduces make ready time by more than 40%

G7® Press Control System Certified by Idealliance® and supporting PSO and ISO print specifications, for delivering each job according to requirements

Delivers a total color solution to connect pre-media, press operators, and brands to dramatically improve quality control programs.

Integrated and Intuitive Scanning Solution

The IntelliTrax2 Pro integrated scanning solution provides mid- to large- size commercial and folding carton printers with instant feedback on job performance, with improved quality control reporting and with G7 compliance, for an end-to-end connected pressroom workflow.

Instant Reporting and Scoring

As a powerful software solution, the IntelliTrax2 Pro allows for immediate viewing of reports and scores on screen, providing guidance to perform the required adjustments per ink zone to get to desired colors faster.

Support Global Industry Standards

G7 Certified and supports PSO/FOGRA for increased process control and the utmost in color accuracy.

G7 Certified

 Idealliance G7 process control certified providing confidence that each job meets industry standards.

Real-Time Guidance

The IntelliTrax2 Pro delivers a powerful workflow that provides press operators with performance visibility, real-time guidance on how to achieve desitred colors quickly, and seamless reporting back to the ColorCert Scorecard Server.

Pantone Connectivity

Direct and seamless access to latest Pantone libraries and PantoneLIVE digital standards with optional license ensuring accurate and repeatable color.