For 5 Angle Spectral Measurement


  • Compact, lightweight and easy-to-use
  • Evaluates metallic colors and special effect finishes with five standard measurement angles
  • Fits seamlessly into QC processes with little or no downtime

MA-5 QC: Actionable Color Measurement Tool for Effect Finishes

Built with quality control managers in mind, the MA-5 QC can identify color defects early in the manufacturing process and avoid unnecessary rework. Featuring strategically placed optics at the tip, it is 60% faster, 50% lighter, and 40% more compact than any other five-angle device on the market. This allows operators to easily position MA-5 QC with one hand and capture more measurements per hour.

Measure Color With Confidence

Looking for added repeatability? The MA-5 QC can capture a measurement in less than 2.5 seconds and collect multiple data points for automated jobs. The compact and lightweight design minimizes operator fatigue and enables easy-one handed operation. Indicator lights ensure correct positioning and an automatic optics shutter keeps dust out of the device.

Analyze Data with Ease

The MA-5 QC offers an intuitive touch screen, red and green pass/fail lights for easy tolerancing, and fast data output with one-click reporting. With first-of-its-kind temperature preview, the MA-5 QC can determine whether sample temperature is affecting color data so you can make informed decisions. To charge and connect with a PC, simply set the MA-5 QC into the convenient docking station

Software Compatible

Connect with EFX QC, X-Rite legacy software, and 3rd party software using MA94 emulation mode.

Dual Spot Switchable Medium and Small Apertures (4 and 8, or 14mm*)

Provides greater flexibility to measure a wider variety of sample sizes

Sample Temperature Sensor

Identifies if the temperature of a sample could affect color data.