For 6 Angle Spectral & Texture Measurement

  • Measures effect materials with 6 angles of measurement
  • Verifies color, sparkle, and coarseness with on-board digital camera
  • Minimizes risk of measuring sample defects with live preview

MA-T6: Characterize Effect Finishes

With 6 angles of measurement, the MA-T6 can measure against rigorous standards for effect finishes and ensure conformance with tight tolerances. Precise readings of colored sparkle and coarseness taken with MA-T6 are repeatable and reproducible, minimizing waste and re-work across the production process.

Measure and Control Colored Sparkle and Coarseness

Measuring color alone is not sufficient to completely characterize effect finishes. With an on-board digital camera, the MA-T6 is able to quickly and accurately evaluate and verify color, sparkle, and coarseness characteristics of effect finishes. When paired with EFX QC software, this 6 angle device can ensure consistency across adjacent parts and distributed supply chains.

Intuitive Interface

Get up and running fast with the MA-T6, which offers modern touch screen navigation and live camera measurement previews. A centrally located aperture and positioning pins ensure stable measurement and increase measurement efficiency. Live feedback and pass/fail indication on screen reduce the learning curve and make the MA-T6 simple and intuitive to use

Improve Conformance

Set and digitally communicate global tolerances within complex supply chains.

Automatic Internal Calibration

Improves measurement accuracy and reduces need for external calibration to once per month

Characterize Effect Materials

Appropriate for a variety of industries, including automotive, paints, plastics, and cosmetics.