Impact for Designer

Created by packaging designers for packaging designers. Impact CAD covers everything you need through one integrated product. Everything has been designed to make things fast, simple and accurate. 

Ideal for packaging designers

Initial design is streamlined and made easier through a set of fully interactive drawing tools that accurately reflect the end product.

Whether starting from scratch or importing existing work, results can be achieved with speed and guaranteed for accuracy. It’s even possible to get instant feedback on rule length, area, and weight and waste calculations to make sure you stay on track.

Library of designs

You’ll have access to a vast library of existing packaging designs that’ll give you a flying start to any project.

The designs are simple to customise, bespoke to the materials you use and cover every industry standard. Your time is freed up so you can use your skills to create something unique.

Faster approvals

Impact CAD software helps you get buy-in for your packaging designs through easy soft-proofing that allows you to create virtual 3D samples and animated prototypes that can be shared with the customer, enabling them to see exactly how everything fits together.

The software is fully compatible with your plotters and sample makers, providing straight-forward production of physical samples and mock-ups.

Team work

Impact enables you to share your packaging designs with your team, storing all the work in one, easily accessible place. If you have a multi-site operation then our supporting suite of software can extend this team-working function to a national and global level.

Why you’ll love Impact

Interactive drawing toolset

Extensive library of reusable parametric design styles including corrugated (FEFCO), folding carton (ECMA), point of sale displays, rigid paper composite and CD/DVD wallets

Drag and drop design components

Layout and nesting capabilities for efficient design arrangement and accurate estimating

Powerful tools to proof or design around artwork

Advanced 3D modelling and animation tools for fast prototyping of your packaging designs and enhanced innovation in presentation

Built around a powerful and fully customisable design database to help manage and locate anything you create or edit

Able to generate design reports to allow you to effortlessly share branded technical drawings with your customers through a single click

Advanced tools to import and clean a wide range of other CAD and non-CAD drawings, ready for production

A fully customisable interface and user-programmable tools

Open and flexible machine drivers that can communicate with anything from desktop plotters to lasers and engraving machines

Supports all industry standard databases including SQL, Oracle and MySQL