Designed for labels & packaging

  • Designed for Labels & Packaging
  • No file conversions needed
  • Multi-Platform Solution for OS X and Windows
  • 64-bit multi-processing and multi-threading
  • PDF is the industry standard. It´s universal, secure, and self-contained
  • Incremental Save, Edit History, and Session Rollback


  • Fastest technology worldwide
  • Single-click application
  • Interactive and automatic
  • Smart Trapping with quality control wizard
  • Automatic Trapping and Pullback
  • Fully editable trap parameters

Structured Assets

  • Separation and color profile handling
  • Fonts, text and character recognition
  • Images, graphics and external links
  • Barcode creation and recognition
  • Object-based screening and curves with dot control
  • Page box definition and positioning

Live Objects

  • Intelligent marks and info panels
  • Dynamic reports
  • Connect LIVE Objects to documentcontent or external data
  • Fast and easy generation of dimension arrows
  • VDP for text, barcodes, external links
  • Define templates for dynamic document design

Warping & 3D

  • Conical for cups
  • Metal can deformation
  • Symmetric and asymmetric shrink sleeves
  • Real-time rendering and live 3D Viewing
  • Intuitive and fast grid creation
  • IC3D roundtrip

Step & Repeat

  • For all requirements
  • Single application for one-up editing and Step and Repeat
  • Live Objects and variables for dynamic marks and ink eaters
  • Templates
  • Export die cut for toolmarking


  • Open and save native .ai files from within PACKZ
  • No Illustrator© plugin needed
  • Preserve full document structure:
    Layers, groups, text, paragraphs and blocks
  • Maintain meta data and object stylings
  • Keep and resolve external image links

Color Management

  • Accurate preview
  • Document and image color profile control
  • Color transformation based on device-link profiles
  • Link to GMG OpenColor
  • Link to matchmycolor Colibri
  • Full support for PANTONE© and custom color books
  • Expanded Gamut Printing with fixed ink sets

Variable Data Printing

  • Moves VDP where it belongs: from press room to prepress
  • All-in-one solution for prepress and VDP– based on PDF
  • Consistent process for any digital press
  • Optimized PDF creation for on-the-fly printing at full speed
  • Optional CLOUDFLOW module for automated industrial production