for high viscosity products

The Inkmaker POLARE is an innovative and versatile automatic dosing system, ideal for the dispensing of high viscosity inks, enabling a mixture of ink technologies to be handled through a single head directly from the original ink containers.


  • Fully automatic and easy to operate, it requires minimal input.
  • Blending operations are performed in few simple steps and with perfect accuracy
  • The POLARE can accommodate a maximum of 20 DN18, high precision, multi stage dispensing valves
  • Single dispensing point allows dispensing in any container of small size
  • The number of dispensing valves is based on the actual customer’s requirements
  • Valves are individually activated through pneumatic cylinders.
  • Valves’ cleaning is not required, the special shutters flat design ensures a sharp breakaway of ink drops, leaving the valve’s nozzle clean after dispensing.
  • Extremely compact and with a very limited footprint, the POLARE comes in different layouts based on the available area.
  • The concept Polare combines a Dispensing head Module with a High Viscosity Module
  • The High Viscosity module can handle up to 20 components and it is fitted with a specially designed press-out mechanism c/w press pumps equipped with rubber follower plates. The module is engineered to store the inks n their original packaging, 2.5 , 3 and 5 kg plastic or metal cans.
  • In case of larger size storage containers, additional components can be placed outside of the module and handled through suitable pumps and piping
  • The system management and automation are run by Inkmaker software
  • A weigh summary sheet is printed for each batch showing the exact batch information.
  • The Softwate includes a wide choice of reports such as: dispensed formulas, job costing, production history, stock availability, etc.
  • Complete production traceability with the use of a bar-code system c/w bar-code reader and bar-code label printer
  • Available options: – Automatic lifter for dispensing containers
  • The Polare can handle both water based as well as solvent-based products ( – ATEX or IEC-EX – version)


  • Extremely easy to operate with user friendly interface which can be linked with the most common ERP and MRP programmes
  • Easy interface with any brand of spectrophotometer
  • Consistent formula reproduction insuring correct product repeatability
  • Single point dispensing; it can dispense into containers of any size
  • Production of the right quantity whenever needed
  • Dispensing parameter self-adjustment ensures optimal accuracy
  • Major stock reduction and rationalisation
  • Seamless stock management with stock information, graphic components’ stock display, stock auditing and batch cost evaluation
  • Optimized recycle-management
  • Elimination of wastage
  • Complete tracking of operation and ISO compliance traceability
  • Password protected formula database and automatic back-up to prevent data loss
  • On demand reports on production statistics with over 100 reports for KPI assessment
  • Production planning