Phoenix M.I.S Software is a leading MIS Software in the region with over 40+ successful installation across Middle East and Africa. It is adapted with best practices suitable for the regions print business.

Phoenix Smart MIS Dashboard

Phoenix Dashboard [BI Tool] is the right tool for business because it delivers flexible, interactive and fully customizable user experiences that are optimized for real-time data consumption and analysis. It ships with 11 dynamic dashboard UI elements allows you to implement custom items manually. Dig deep and identify trends with drill-down and data filtering. Each dashboard UI element used within a dashboard can instantly provide additional insights into your data. Dashboard elements can filter by series, arguments, and even cross filter data from other sources. These filters (activated using a single click) allow the UI element itself to control the set of data visualized across the entire dashboard.

There are two modes:

  1. Viewer Mode.
  2. Design Mode.

You can access from you mobile/iPAD/Any web based system. You can create any report  from any system using SQL like sales analysis, Invoice analysis, purchase analysis task analysis. etc.

Estimation and Production Contorl

Order Management