Troika Systems Limited are the leading manufacturer of 2D and 3D scanning microscopes for the printing industry.

Troika has set new standards for quality assurance in the printing, embossing and coating markets with its easy-to-use AniCAM HD™ and SurfaceCAM HD™ 3D scanning microscopes.



The AniCAM HD is used for the inspection of Anilox rolls, Gravure Cylinders and Flexoplates. The new AniCAM HD allows users to achieve faster, more accurate results, whilst maintaining simple user interaction. Due to the latest technology employed in the AniCAM HD™ the ability to simply, easily and accurately measure the volume and condition of anilox rolls, Gravure cylinders and Flexoplate is now viable and practical for every printer.

SurfaceCAM HD™

The SurfaceCAM 3D Scanning Microscope is a precision optical instrument and can work on a wide range of materials. The SurfaceCAM is used for the scanning of Gravure, Embossing cylinders and Low Screen Anilox. It provides images for analysis of, depth, volume, openings, heights, wall widths, channel widths and any angle measurements.

MagneCAM HD™

The MagneCAM HD Option gives you the positioning of an AniCAM or SurfaceCAM on steel cylinders/rolls rotated at any angle incorporating magnetic legs and special internal drive couplings. Based on this unique, patent applied for, magnetic holding system, the system can be placed onto a cylinder or roll at any angle.



Knowing the condition of the anilox rolls for a printer/converter has been proven to save considerable press setup time and reduce waste which inevitably increases profitability. Many printers do not realise how much valuable time and cost has been wasted and how quickly they could now make considerable savings for their company by implementing anilox quality control. Historically, to achieve the required densities, the printers are obliged to adjust the ink, when in reality the difference in volume of the anilox’s largely influences the imbalanced densities.


Having optimum control of your flexo plates and sleeves will save you time, waste and money. The AniCAM with Flexoplate QC provides two readings methods: 2 dimensional readings with an automatic reflective or translucent dot detection and a 3 dimensional analysis which provides additional information on dot shape, height and relief depths. The time and cost of defective plates will increase waste reduce productivity and profitability. Cost savings made over time through quality control on dot shape, relief, depth and dot sizes can be significantly high and will result in a fast return of investment.


Knowing the condition of the Cylinders for Gravure printers has been proven to save considerable press setup time and reduce waste which inevitably increases profitability. The AniCAM Gravure QC was developed for gravure printers where management of, and quality control of, the cylinders is desired. In particular for in house recording of cylinder data, condition during use and to enable financial planning for refurbishment or replacement. Used during the manufacturing process for quality control the AniCAM with Gravure QC and CMS can ensure correct opening, depth and volume preventing inconsistencies across the cylinder.