Compelling results and increased productivity 

The printing industry has altered drastically as a result of digitalization. Customers and printed product producers know that increased profits are only possible through fewer errors and less wastage.

GMG helps to improve productivity in the graphic arts sector, with its innovative range of color management products for digital and conventional printing. With surprises eliminated and productivity increased, everybody involved in the process will benefit.

GMG ColorProof

GMG ColorProof comes preloaded with color profiles for all standards, ensuring a “hassle-free” setup. Just select the printer, calibrate and check.

With pre-loaded color profiles, creating color-accurate reference proofs is a breeze. The GMG DotProof and GMG FlexoProof modules, by processing the 1-bit files coming from your workflows, allow you to accurately simulate the printing screen as well as the color of a proof.

Thanks to GMG ColorProof GO and the remote proof function, it’s easy to get the same print results wherever your printer is: in the next room or in another country. Controlled via a browser, all systems are easily verified and managed from anywhere in the world.

GMG OpenColor

GMG OpenColor is a solution that allows you to create color proof profiles and separation profiles. When connected to GMG ColorPlugin GMG ColorServer or Hybrid PACKZ, the separation profiles make color transformation accurate and reliable. Extended gamut printing projects or the replacement of CMYK channels with spot color in Photoshop / PACKZ are now quick and easy.

OpenColor, GMG patented technology, allows accurate color simulation, even without test charts. In addition to the spectral data on the color, the printing process, the substrates and even the ink sequence are taken into account. If a parameter changes, a profile can be calculated quickly without the need to perform a new print test.

GMG OpenColor offers the flexibility you want and the reliability you need.

GMG ColorPlugin

GMG ColorPlugin turns Adobe Photoshop into an extraordinary prepress tool.

Conversion and separation of colors with an accurate color preview. Optimization of the entire image processing process and significant reduction in time and costs.

GMG ColorServer

GMG ColorServer automatically converts PDFs to your output color space and makes your data immediately ready for printing.

RGB, CMYK or mixed data? Thanks to MX technology GMG ColorServer provides superior conversion quality. Available versions: Multicolor, Digital and Conventional.

GMG ColorServer MultiColor

The concept of a fixed Multicolor ink set convinces across print processes – it offers enormous advantages not only in digital printing, but also in flexo-, gravure- and offset printing.
With additional process colors, the Multicolor workflow enables for significantly shorter makeready times compared to spot color printing. The expanded color space also leads to visibly higher quality results.

In packaging print, spot colors are often used to accurately present a brand’s product range but how do you achieve accurate brand colors using digital print where only a fixed color set is available?

Precise reproduction of spot colors – no compromises in accuracy, with a lot more flexibility and efficiency. From client data to target print process – automated conversion of spot colors with a simple mouse click. Complete control – reliable results, user-friendly application and efficient process.


GMG ProofControl

GMG ProofControl guarantees reliable and complete quality control of color proofs based on a defined standard.

This is the only way to ensure that the proof simulates the next print process accurately.

GMG InkOptimizer

Much more than just saving ink – GMG InkOptimizer optimizes the color separation and stabilizes the entire print run.

By standardising the color composition of PDF files and reducing the overall level of ink – through the replacement of expensive color inks with black ink – GMG InkOptimizer retains the original color and image quality of the printed item while reducing its production cost.

GMG InkOptimizer uses four-dimensional GMG DeviceLink profiles to optimize your printing data with special UCR/GCR algorithms. With GMG InkOptimizer, the conversion is not only fully automated but also preserves the integrity of the black channel in comparison to ICC-based solutions.

GMG DotProof

GMG DotProof creates color-accurate halftone proofs to contract proof quality.

GMG DotProof is also indispensable in printing processes using coarse screening, due to the real visual impression being significantly influenced by the screen ruling. Without color-accurate halftone proofing, a reliable prediction of the printing results is impossible.

GMG DotProof predicts exactly what will happen during plate exposure and what will happen on the printing press. At the same time, screen angles, screen ruling and dot shape are fully preserved. GMG DotProof delivers absolute color accuracy with full data integrity.

GMG FlexoProof

Contrary to largely standardized offset printing, the variety of substrates in Flexo print alone is a challenge for most proofing systems. Add in a large number of spot colors and most proofing solutions become ineffective. GMG FlexoProof, however, has for a long time been comfortable working in these unique circumstances.

For instance, GMG FlexoProof lets users create individual substrate structures such as paper fibers, embossed structures or corrugated board for proof output. Even unfavorable conditions such as printing on inferior quality paper can be simulated with the help of a signal noise.

GMG Mockup Solution

Transforming predictability into tangible results: Prototype Proofing from GMG

A prepress process is based on many accurate predictions. The truth is: technical know-how makes all the difference. At the same time, we also know that successful client relationships benefit from enthusiasm about the tangible product. Prototype Proofing from GMG turns technology into an experience.

GMG Mockup Solution supports a wide variety of substrates including paper, paper compounds, transparent films, aluminum foils, PE and PET foils, plastic, polycarbonate and other rigid substrates which are used for offset, flexography, rotogravure and screen print production.

GMG color management enables the printers to achieve a visual match, locally and at remote locations, with the main print processes such as flexography, offset and gravure printing, even for spot colors. It ensures repeatability by calibrating target printers within tight tolerances. Furthermore, the simulation of cardboard, paper structure and register variations is supported to achieve color-accurate mock-ups.