Color accurate Digital Mockup on actual substrate

We supplies color accurate digital mock-up’s as per customer requirements without waiting for any trial runs in actual printing machine.

A mockup is a miniature/prototype of your product, which simulate the product in its final form. The mockup enables you to Inspect the design, color and final appearance of the product. We helps you to create color acurate digital mockups with our unique software solutions. The job is printed in a Mockup printer using actual media. The profiles used, ensure accurate color reproduction.

Conventional Mockup - Basic Workflow

Conventional Mockup at a Glance :

  • Color retouched file send to printing machine for trial run followed by mock-up preparation.
  • All the finishing and converting operations performed after color approval.
  • The sample is send to the customer in its final form for the approval.
  • Conventional process is time consuming and expensive, if in case of any job rejections.

Digital Mockup – Basic workflow

Digital Mockup at a Glance :

  • Color retouched file send to digital mock-up printer.
  • Mock-up printer carries the substrate similar to actual process.
  • GMG OpenColor creates custom profiles from machine finger print data, so the mock-up carries the machine characteristics to get a similar color reproduction in printing machine.
  • Specially designed mock-up printer in connection with GMG ColorProof creates color accurate mock-up’s .
  • Finalized mock-up send to customer for approval followed to actual production.
  • Mock-up’s can help reveal problems that aren’t so apparent on paper and it’s easier to make revisions in a mockup than in the later coding stages.