eXact Auto-Scan Pro

Press-Side Scanning Solution


Saves material cost by getting up to color faster by reducing operator back and forth.

Supports PSO and ISO specifications with Idealliance® G7® certification

Provides scoring and reports instantly on screen, for real-time guidance on how to achieve the desired colors quickly

Connected and G7 Compliant Scanning Solution

The X-Rite eXact Auto-Scan Pro integrated solution provides small to mid-size printers with instant feedback on job performance, with improved quality control reporting and with G7 compliance.

G7, PSO and ISO Readiness

Supports the majority of global graphic arts standards, such as G7, PSO, FOGRA, ISO and Japan Color. Reduce job set-up time by automatically loading targets for a zero mistake workflow.

On-Screen Reporting and Scoring

The eXact Auto-Scan Pro seamlessly integrates with ColorCert Software to meet the needs of brands, packaging converters, and commercial printers alike.

G7 and PSO Readiness

Solution reduces job set-up time by automatically loading targets allowing for a zero mistake workflow for job setup.

On-Screen Scoring and Reporting

Direct connectivity to the Scorecard Server saves the operator time by not switching screens or moving files between different software solutions.

Access to BestMatch

Access to BestMatch software provides press operators with ink key adjustment recommendations to achieve appropriate standards.