Impact for Diemakers

We have used our in-depth industry knowledge to make Impact CAD the world’s leading software package for die-makers. From customisable templates to pinpoint manufacturing, the software is shaped around your business and way of working.

Personalised manufacturing

Our experience of tool and die-making is built into the CAM software, making the creation of dies simple and accurate.

We understand that every machine is different and Impact die-making software will adapt to your customers’ specific requirements, meaning their packaging is perfect every time without the need to purchase new equipment.

Ideal for tooling

Our die-making CAD and CAM software leads you through a series of logical steps to create the perfect die every time.

Dynamic feedback, in-built preferences and automated process all make your life easier and your customers happier.

No need to reinvent the wheel

You’ll have access to our comprehensive library of best practice industry standard tooling settings. These settings can be easily adapted to yours and your customers’ own defaults and cover all the styles and materials you will encounter.

Customer specifications can then be stored and reused automatically, providing maximum productivity and guaranteed quality control.

Creating efficiency

We understand your need for efficiency and our Impact die-making CAM software allows you to calculate one, or multiple, interlocking nesting patterns simultaneously to ensure maximum on-press efficiency and minimum material waste.

Scalable to your needs

Our suite of software allows you to use Impact across multiple sites, standardising settings and specifications and sharing work with a wider team.

Customers can be brought into the tooling process, making you a company that is transparent and easier to work with.

Why you’ll love Impact

Built around a powerful and fully customisable design database to help manage and locate anything you create or edit

Advanced tools to import and clean a wide range of other CAD and non-CAD drawings, ready for production

A fully customizable interface and user-programmable tools make this the ultimate packaging design productivity suite

The ability to automatically embed rules and specifications from you and your customers

Automatic tool registration, collision checking and alignment across a production job means quality control is built-in from the start

From cartons to rubber parts, Impact’s complete nesting toolset offers time-saving and waste reduction that both you and your customers will benefit from

Extensive library of pre-loaded machine parameters and ability for custom stock

Error and clash detection tools for die-board and stripping units