GT 36

The Inkmaker GT36 is an automatic dosing system, conceived to offer an affordable solution for users with moderate output requirements for large number of components.


  • The GT36 is ideal to handle more than one product’s range through a single dispensing head (EG: two or more ink series)
  • Thanks to its centre point dispensing, the GT36 can dispense into containers with a min. diameter of 130 mm.
  • Fully automatic and easy to operate, it requires minimal input.
  • The operator can produce the required formulas in few simple steps and with perfect accuracy.
  • The GT36 can accommodate a maximum of 36 x DN14, high precision, multi stage dispensing valves.
  • The number of valves mounted on each equipment will be based on the actual customer’s requirements
  • Valves are individually activated through a pneumatic cylinder, without rotating mechanical parts or motors, making the system easy to operate
  • Valves are mounted on independently operated swinging arms. Each arm carries two dispensing valves and, if required, one component can be dispensed by up to four valves, which, by opening simultaneously, can effectively quadruple the dispensing flow.
  • This is particularly useful when handling bulk components requiring a higher output.
  • The GT36 can handle both water based as well as solvent-based products ( – ATEX or IEC-EX – version)
  • Compact and with a limited footprint, the GT36 comes in different layouts based on the available area.
  • The system management and automation are run by Inkmaker software.
  • Scale tare is automatically done by the computer.
  • A weigh summary sheet is printed for each batch showing the exact batch information.
  • The user can display or print several reports, including: dispensed formulas, job costing, production history, stock availability, etc
  • Production traceability is simplified with the use of a bar-code system c/w bar-code reader and bar-code label printer
  • Pneumatic pumps deliver the base components to the dispensing head
  • Components can be stocked in 200 L drums or in other type of containers of different size and capacity
  • System is configured according to the available space and for the required production volumes


  • Extremely easy to operate with user friendly interface which can be linked with the most common ERP and MRP programmes
  • Easy interface with any brand of spectrophotometer
  • Consistent formula reproduction insuring correct product repeatability
  • Production of the right quantity whenever needed
  • Dispensing parameter self-adjustment ensures optimal accuracy
  • Major stock reduction and rationalisation
  • Seamless stock management with stock information, graphic components’ stock display, stock auditing and batch cost evaluation
  • Optimized recycle-management
  • Elimination of wastage
  • Complete tracking of operation and ISO compliance traceability
  • Password protected formula database and automatic back-up to prevent data loss
  • On demand reports on production statistics with over 100 reports for KPI assessment
  • Production planning
  • Easy maintenance
  • Increased free space in the factory
  • Improved workplace cleanliness, tidiness and safety