eXact Basic Plus



  • Compares density measurements against standards with pass/fail indication for print and packaging applications
  • Accommodates multiple patches with four aperture sizes
  • Portable with Bluetooth connectivity

Best-in-Class Density Measurement

Need a device to measure all aspects of CMYK in the pressroom? The eXact Basic Plus automatically detects color and patch type and compares production density measurements against stored standards with pass/fail indication. The eXact Basic Plus can help increase efficiency by decreasing measurement time and improving print accuracy.

An Extensive Tool Set for Densitometric Color Control

Not only can the eXact Basic Plus verify all aspects of density, including ink trap, print contrast, and hue error, but it can also measure offset printing plates, allowing you to measure a print curve and to view density trends.

Easy-to-Use, Secure, and Customizable

The eXact Basic Plus includes the same features of the eXact Basic, including the ability for each user to configure the device and control all elements on a selected job. Enhanced security features and password protection ensure the instrument and tool configuration remain secure.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Flexible Aperture Sizes

Offers four different aperture sizes (1.5, 2, 4, and 6mm) and cordless portability for a range of applications

Enhanced Measurement Speed

Simultaneously measures four M conditions (M0/M1/M2/M3) in less than one second in spot mode

Protected, Automated White Tile Calibration

Protects the instrument from pressroom dust at all times